We Believe

Gathering of the Eagles Attendees Believe in the First Principles of the Constitution.

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A Welcome Message from Your Host, Dr. William “Ames” Curtright, DBA

My Friends, welcome to the Gathering of the Eagles!

Just as our forefathers gathered at Liberty Hall in Philadelphia over two centuries ago, we gather as patriots today in response to over taxation and the oppression of an ever-expanding government.

I believe that Abraham Lincoln said it best: “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

Silence in the face of evil is evil. Not to speak is to speak for evil. Not to act means to willingly allow the destruction of our nation and our very freedoms that men died for. We are the beneficiaries and the trustees of that ultimate sacrifice. Our God and future generations will hold us guilty if we fail to speak or act.

The torch has been passed to us to defend this precious gift and we gather together for the struggle to take back what is rightfully ours: the principles of God and freedom and liberty; principles that founded this country’s governance but principles that today’s government has lost or forgotten.

Our enemies are socialism and progressives, who hide behind clever language designed to confuse and disguise their true intentions of subverting our founding principles with promises to help one group at the expense of another. Giving is not giving if the gift must be stolen. We see it most clearly in their excessive taxes and more taxes after taxes, until we have nothing for our businesses or ourselves.

The only ones who prosper are socialism and government. But while the government prospers, the people suffer and lose their ability to be independent, while businesses wither or die, along with the means to grow prosperity and to keep people independent. Socialism always fails because mankind forever longs to be free.

Six years ago, I had an idea, the vision to have an annual gathering where concerned patriotic conservatives could gather together. My goal was to unite independent organizations and Tea Party groups to build the “new” Conservative Republican Party.

We may go by many different names: Independents, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, and 912 Projects to name a few. Put aside these names and we are all conservatives who want our principles to stand!

As many new organizations and new leaders have joined our ranks, this small idea has grown into a very large event where America’s ordinary people can share extraordinary ideas. When conservative people come together with a unified goal based on principles and with strong leadership, we can change the direction of our nation.

“What is a Gathering of the Eagles?”
We are a gathering of Americans who believe in the spiritual principles of freedom and who believe those freedoms were founded by our forefathers and written into the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be self-evident and undeniably true.

We freely use words like “Freedom”, “God”, “Country”, and “Patriotism.” We talk about inalienable rights, smaller government, and less taxes. We talk about a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”; not a government “of the bureaucrats, by the liberals, and for the socialists.”

We Believe
We believe in a Godly nation and a Christian nation. We believe that God exists and He has made himself known.

We believe that certain spiritual truths exist in all free governments and that these pillars of faith must be maintained if our government is to safeguard our freedoms.

We believe God should be a part of our government and our schools and that government should not oppress people’s freedom to express their faith.

We believe that taxes are a necessary evil, and should remain small to not rob people of their hard work.

We believe that with tax cuts, the American people can do better and live better, and that fewer taxes will slow the growth of government and force it to live within its means.

We believe in capitalism and the free-market system, which works best to distribute fairly our goods and services, that business should prosper, and that the people are best served when government stays out of business and stays out of the way.

We believe in the Pledge of Allegiance and that government should stay out of education.

We believe in vouchers for private education and that the stranglehold of the teachers’ union and all other government-dominating unions must be stopped.

We believe that the Constitution is a contract between our leaders and the people.

We believe administrators who violate our constitutional rights and lawmakers who pass laws they do not read should be held accountable and not only sent home for their wrong doings but punished to the full extent of the law.

We believe in electing conservatives to office, that true conservative Republicans are best equipped to defend liberty, and that Republicans who prove not to be conservatives should be promptly removed from office and returned to the role of taxpayer.

We believe people have the right to bear arms, and reserve the right and the duty to overthrow their Government when it fails to perform and when resolution and legislation fail to correct it.

We believe that the government needs to serve the people and not that the people serve the government. We believe that if the government had a healthy fear and respect for the people, democracy would thrive and the doorway to tyranny would be locked tight.

We believe that Liberalism and Socialism are the enemies of our people and the antithesis to the principles of freedom and liberty on which our country was founded. We believe in private property and the rights to fruits of our own labor.

We believe that the best steward of the environment and of the land is not the government but private landowners.

We believe in principles that revolve around the first spiritual principles of God, inalienable rights, and the right to freedom.

We believe in a smaller government and not in dominating Federal or State governments that erode our personal freedoms through regulations and mandates.

Finally, we believe in our Constitution and we believe in America!

We are gathered here to unify and to honor these spiritual principles in order to restore our freedoms, a small government, and the benefits of free enterprise.

Together we will fight liberalism, socialism, progressivism, and communism and bring back our individual freedoms to choose our own destiny.

My name is Ames and those who know me understand that I hold no punches and give no ground when it comes to conservatism. I am honored to be your host for the Gathering of the Eagles.