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Don’t miss the most patriotic event in the northwest! The Ames Gathering of the Eagles is a gathering of people who believe in the principles, spirit and system of government in accordance with our Constitution. The GOE blends organizations representing Tea Party, Conservative Republican, Independent, Libertarian and Freedom-Loving, God-Fearing Americans. A wholesome event & family-style BBQ for the whole family. Celebrating Freedom. We believe in the spiritual principles of freedom and believe those freedoms were founded by our forefathers and written into the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be self-evident and undeniably true. We freely use words like “Freedom”, “Liberty”. “God”, “Country”, and “Patriotism.” We talk about inalienable rights, smaller government, and less taxes. We talk about a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”; not a government “of the bureaucrats, by the liberals, and for the socialists.”



Fisher Ames warned his countrymen of the dangers of flattering demagogues, who incite dis-union and lead their country into bondage: “Our country is too big for union, too sordid for patriotism, too democratic for liberty. What is to become of it, He who made it best knows. Its vice will govern it, by practising upon its folly. This is ordained for democracies.”